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I started researching my families history after my father died following what was supposed to be a routine
exploratory operation. He was just a couple of months short of his 64th birthday. The church was packed
with his friends and colleagues for the funeral service. I hardly new any of them but our family appreciated the support. I began to realise how little I knew about either of my parents. In the past when the subject
came up, they never discussed it in any detail. I knew my father was an orphan brought up by his mothers
relatives. His father had been killed in the first world war, and his mother, sister and brother had died
tragic deaths, (I still haven't discovered exactly what happened to them). I knew my mother was born in
the Shetland Isle, and had been brought up by her step mother.
So I set about tracing my family roots. I suppose most that do this will make mistakes at first, perhaps through pre conceived ideas, or by not recording some the detail needed, but soon a story begins to unfold, and some of the mysteries are solved but always it seems new ones emerge. Dates either
don't fit, or they tell a different story. Tragedies unfold. Then perhaps as happened to me, you come across a photograph of grandparents that you have never seen. Although badly creased and scratched when found, it is now restored and worth more to me than a bar of gold! So as the search continues, this is where I am now.
T. C. Munson.

Family History of Munson (Grimsby branch of the family tree)


The following abbreviations apply: b =Born, c =Christened, m =Married, d =Died, dau= Daughter.

Henry Munson brought his family to Grimsby circa 1860. The whole family were involved in fishing as the port rapidly expanded. They prospered, becoming smack owners, skippers, mates, engineers, tug owners, fish merchants. In the late 1880's their fortunes began to decline. Perhaps by being either reluctant, or slow to change to the new ways as steam took over from sail. The 1914 -18 war also took its toll.

John Munson b c1785Blacksmith
Elizabeth Huntwife bc1785 m5th July 1806, Milton Next to Gravesend.
Elizabethdau c 2nd August 1807, St George Gravesend.
Henry,son c 3rd March 1820, St George Gravesend.
Henry Munson 1820-1901b 1820Gravesend, Kent, Waterman / Fisherman
Mary Ann Masonwifeb c1822m9th May 1841 Parish Church Northfleet
William Henryson b 184119 Wakefield St. Gravesend, Kent
mMary Ann Potts Simons, 11th May 1865, St James, Grimsby
mAnn Charlotte Ackrill, 8th February 1877, St Andrews, Grimsby
Henry William son b 1844 Gravesend, Kent
m Eliza Ann Brewster, 28th March 1880, St James, Grimsby.
Mary Ann Elizabeth dau b 1846 Gravesend, Kent
m James Harrison Emptage, 25th December 1862. Block Maker
James William Emptage, son, b 8th October 1865
Sarahdau b1850Gravesend, Kent.
m George Noble, (Fish Buyer), 16th November 1869.
Primative Methodist Church, Victoria Street Grimsby
John, son b1853Gravesend, Kent.
Richardson b1856Gravesend, Kent.
m Sarah Jane Blakeney, 17th September 1876.
Robertson b1859Gravesend, Kent.
John Munson 1853-1899b 1853 9th March. Gravesend, Kent, Skipper/Tug Owner.
m 4th May 1873, St Andrews Church, Parish of Great Grimsby.
Ann Elizebeth Brittonwifeb c1854 Hull, Yorkshire, England.
Gertrudedaub c1874Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey), England.
Mary Anndau b c1877 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Williamson b c1879 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Alfredson b c1881 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Isabelladau b c1883 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Helendau b c1885 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Elenordau b c1887 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Harryson b c1889 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Robert,son b c1890 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey)
Robert Munson 1890-1917b 189018th May, Fisherman.
click to enlarge Apprentice details below.
Gunner, Enlisted Grimsby, No-821275.
'V' 59th T. M. Battery Royal Field Artillery.
Killed in Action, Flanders &France.
6th July 1917
m2nd November 1914, Parish Church of Great Grimsby.
Lena Lindley Tysonwifeb c1891Attercliffe, Sheffield.
Lena Lindleydaub c1915 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey).
Henry Clifford, sonb 191729th May, Yorkshire.
Charles N?sonb 1920 Gt Grimsby, County of Lincolnshire(Lindsey).

Details from Robert Munsons' Indentures.

Robert Munson was indentured on 17th February 1906, (Registered 21st February 1906), to the
Orient Steam Fishing Co Ltd. Ship 'Ladas' of Grimsby. Prior - Working in a saw mill.
Hair...Brown, Eyes.....Brown, Height......4' 9".
Address...134 Guildford Street, Grimsby. Mother.... Elizabeth Munson...same address.


  1. When serving on board a Trawler:
    Sixpence a week whilst serving as cook.
    One shilling a week whilst serving as deck hand.
    One & six a week whilst serving as third hand.
  2. When serving on board a Cod Man:
    One shilling at the end of each voyage, 1st year
    One & six at the end of each voyage, 2nd & 3rd years.
    Two shillings at the end of each voyage, 4th year
    Two & six at the end of each voyage, 5th year
    When ashore 4d daily, (Sunday excepted), or Two shillings a week.

Boy absconded at tide time 12th & 14th inst. Annulled 18/04/06, (Owner dissatisfied with the boy).

Henry Clifford Munson 1917- 1981 b 29th May 1917, Leeds, County of West Leeds C.B.

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Sergeant No3966030 Royal Engineers, 1939-45.
Railwayman Head Shunter
Grimsby Fish Docks.
Area Inspector
Docks & Inland Waterways, later Assc. B. Ports.
m 15th June 1936, Gt Grimsby & County of Lincoln (Lindsey).
Dorothy Margaret Dadd 1916- 1999 wifeb 22nd May 1916, Lerwick, Shetland Isle.
Terence Cliffordsonb 1937
Petersonb 1938Private
Kay Dorothydaub Private

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Family History of Dadd (Grimsby branch of the family tree)

Isaac Dadd came to Grimsby circa 1860.

Isaac Dadd b c1818 Fisherman.
Mary Ann Nugent wife b c1816 m abt 1836. d17th Sept 1880, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Charles Frederick son b c1841 3rd August 1841, Barking, Essex, Fisherman.
Charles Frederick b c1841 3rd August 1841, Barking, Essex, Fisherman.
Mary Ann Carp wife b c1847 Barking, Essex. d17th April 1876, Grimsby
Alfred son b 1867 1st Sept 1867, Grimsby.
Charles son b c1867 Grimsby.
Frederick son b c1873 Grimsby.
Matilda wife b c1847 m Abt 1877 Grimsby. b Abt 1847. Barking, Essex.
Lily dau b c1878 Grimsby.
Ellen dau b c1879 Grimsby.
Henry son b c1883 Grimsby.
Emma dau b c1887 Grimsby.
Alfred Dadd 1867-1947 b 1st Sept 1867, Grimsby, County of Lincoln. Fisherman.

m19th April 1888 The Parish Church of Gt Grimsby.
Sarah Elizabeth Surfleet wifeb c1869 Humberston, Grimsby. dc1895
George William sonb c1889 Grimsby. Private No 12572 Lincolnshire Regiment, 8th Battalion
Killed in Action, France & Flanders, 23rd September 1916.
Sarah Bains wifeb c1870m 3rdQ 1905 at Boston
Dorothy Margaret daub 1916 22nd May 1916, Lerwick, Shetland Isle.

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(Mother, Mary Ann Thompson or Dutch).
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