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1918 - 1921



8 February 1918 S.T. STRATON GY 694
197 gt. 112.5 ft. x 21 ft. O.N. 110900
Built 1899 by Cochrane, Cooper, Beverley, for the -
                                                       United Steam Fishing Co. Ltd. Grimsby.
Aug.1899 Registered Wamba GY 381 (United S.F. Co. Ltd. Grimsby)
16 Jan.1910 The "Wamba", was stranded N. end of Cara Island,
        Bernera, Hebrides. She was salved and then sold to R.W. Lewis,         Aberdeen and Registered A 326
Oct.1915 Sold to Strand Sea Fishing Co. Ltd. Grimsby -
                                                       Registered Wamba GY 694
Nov.1915 Renamed Straton GY 694 (Strand S.F. Co. Ltd. Grimsby)

9 Dec.1916 The "Straton" was in a collision in the river Humber with
        the Grimsby trawler Battle Abbey GY 1171 which sank with
        the loss of three lives. See report 9 Dec.1916
1917 The "Straton" was requisitioned into the Fishery Reserve.

08 Feb.1918 She was lost - Mined 26 miles E. from the Humber
        Light Vessel. No lives lost.

7 July 1918 F.V. ALBION GY 1130
21.97 gt. 48.4 ft. x 13.6 ft. No O.N. given
Built 1905 at Boston, builders name not recorded.
Description: Line fishing vessel. Powered by Sail and motor.
        Ketch rig, (Main, Fore, Jib and Mizzen). Crew: 5.
8.May 1918 Sold to Edward Ernest Cox of Grimsby.
      Registered (1st Class) Albion GY 1130

7 July 1918:
The ketch "Albion" was captured 25 miles E. 3/4 N. from Spurn Point by the German submarine "UB 40" (Hans Joachin Emsmann). Sunk by bomb, after her crew had taken to the ship's boat. They landed safely.
Registry closed 16 July 1918


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24 August 1919 S.T. FAWN GY 1008
191 gt. 107.5ft. x 21ft. O.N. 109842
Built 1898 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverely for -
Thomas E. Fisher & Henry Morris Co. Ltd. Grimsby.
Dec.1898 Registered Fawn GY 1008 (T. Fisher)
Sep.1916 Sold to Henry Croft Baker Grimsby.
Apr.1917 to John Green Grimsby.
1918 Requisitioned into the Fishery Reserve. Returned 1919.
24 August 1919 Vessel posted missing. Lost with all hands presumed mined off Hartlepool.
Thursday 28th August 1919:
The Grimsby Telegraph first reported the loss of the "Fawn" as follows:

                           SUPPOSED LOSS OF GRIMSBY TRAWLER.

        It is feared that the Grimsby trawler Fawn (Messrs, Baker and Green) struck a mine at sea and has been lost with all hands. It is understood that wreckage has been picked up off Hartlepool which leaves little hope for the safety of the ship.
        The vessel left Grimsby about three weeks ago on a voyage to the Faroe, and presumably met with disaster on the return journey. Her skipper Mr. Tom Mothersdill, was one of the best known of Grimsby trawler captains.

On the next day, Friday 29th August, The Telegraph reported more details of the loss as follows:

                                               FATE OF THE FAWN,

                           DRIFTER SKIPPER FINDS WRECKAGE.

                                           LIST OF MISSING CREW.

        As reported in the "Telegraph" on Thursday night the steam trawler Fawn (Messers. Baker and Green) is believed to have been lost with all hands.
        It is stated that the skipper of a Lowestoft drifter, whilst off Hartlepool on Sunday morning last, heard an explosion, and on going to the spot, found a boat bearing the name Fawn, which had been badly smashed. A man's cap was found floating on the water, but no signs of any of the crew.
        There were eleven men in the crew of the Fawn, and seven of them were married, there being eighteen children dependant.
        Their skipper Mr. T. Mothersdill, was one of the best known of Grimsby's trawler captains.


The following composed the crew:
BARKER George Pulling (28) Deck Hand CWGC Link
Son of Mrs. Barker, of 97, Lovett Street, Cleethorpes. Born at Grimsby.
1919 AVL: BARKER, George Pulling, 97 Lovett Street, H.M.S. Queen,
TS 37. Service Record: BARKER, George Pulling TS 37 RNR. DoB 07.08.1891. Place of birth: Grimsby. TNA Link
BROWN Harry (43) Cook CWGC Link
64 Blake Street Hull. Born Barnetby, Lincs.
CHESTER Fred (54) First Engineer CWGC Link
Son of the late William and Mary Chester; husband of Annie Frankham (formerly Chester, nee Ellis), 305, Weelsby Street, Grimsby. Born: Alford.
From Grimsby Crew Lists:
1911 Vessel "Ostero" [GY 200] F. Chester 2nd Eng. 44 Born: Alford.
1913 Vessel "Narberth Castle" [GY 1021] Fred Chester Chief Eng. -
48 Born: Alford. Service Record: Chester, Fred, No. EX 9. RNR. DoB 25.12.1864, Alford TNA Link
AVL 1919: Chester, Fred. 305 Weelsby Street. HMS Davenport.
CHRISTIANSEN Herry Nicolie (17) Deck Hand CWGC Link
Son of Mrs. Christiansen, of 14, Barcroft Street, New Cleethorpes, Lincs.
COONEY Patrick (32) Trimmer CWGC Link
100 Nelson Street, Grimsby. Born in London.
HILLAM John Philip (48) Second Hand Certificate No. 7228 CWGC Link
Son of Alice Hillam and the late Mr. Hillam; husband of Sarah Ann Hillam (nee Sutcliffe), of 50, Ward Street, New Cleethorpes. Born at Sheffield. Service Record: HILLAM, John SA 537 RNR. DoB 10.10.1870. Place of birth: Sheffield. TNA Link
MOTHERSDILL Thomas (53) Skipper (Certificate 1277) CWGC Link
Husband of Emma Sophia Mothersdill, of 35, Harrington Street,
New Cleethorpes, Grimsby.
Skipper of many Grimsby vessels pre-war 1886 - 1908, including: "Harold", "Specimen", "Save All", "Silver King", "Marther Somerville", "Volunteer", "Leonora", "Agonist", "Agami", "Lynmouth", "Harrier", "Loveden", "Petunia", "Buzzard", "Carthagenia", "Catania" and "Gullemot".
Served at H.M. Base, Swansea, H.M.Tr. Skipper W.S.A. 1987 RNR.
DoB 02.10.1864. Place of birth: Hull, Yorkshire. TNA Link
NUDD Charles Henry (36) Third Hand CWGC Link
Son of Joshua and Charity Nudd, of Stubb Road., Hickling, Norwich.
Service Record: NUDD, Charles Henry DE371 RNR. DoB 25.09.1882. Place of birth: Hickling, Norfolk.. TNA Link
STEVENSON Ben (25) Deck Hand CWGC Link
Husband of Mrs. Stevenson, of 101, Garibaldi Street, Grimsby. Born at Grimsby. 1919 AVL: STEVENSON, Ben, 101 Garibaldi Street, H.M.S. Pembroke, 346 (Dk. Hand)
Service Record: STEVENSON, Ben DA346 RNR. DoB 17.10.1883. Place of birth: Grimsby. TNA Link
SWAINSTON Abraham (27) Trimmer CWGC Link
Husband of Mrs. Swainston, of 5, New Market Street, Grimsby. Born at Sheffield.
TAYLOR Thomas (23) Second Engineer CWGC Link
Son of William Henry and Jessie Taylor, of 111, Havelock Street, Hull. Born at Burnley.

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