Remembering Today



8 September 1915 S.T. DEVONIAN GY 89
128 gt. 96.7ft. x 20.2ft. O.N. 106664
Built 1896 by Edwards Bros., North Shields, for -
                        Gt. Gy. Co-op Box & Fish Co. Ltd. Grimsby.
Sept.1896 Registered Devonian GY 89 (G.G. Co-op Box & Fish Co.)
Nov.1896 Sold to W. Allen Grimsby.
Sept.1899 to W. Allen Steam Fishing Co. Ltd. Grimsby.
9 September 1915:
Believed sunk by a mine 30 miles N.E. 1/2 N. of Spurn Light Vessel. 9 lives lost including Skipper.

Wednesday 20 October 1915, From The Lincolnshire Echo:

                                    ANOTHER TRAWLER LOST.

        The Grimsby steam trawler Devonian, owned by the Allen Steam Fishing Company, was on Tuesday officially given up as lost with her entire crew. On September 6th the vessel left Grimsby with a crew of nine hands for a weeks fishing in the North Sea. Three days later incoming trawlers reported that on the 8th September they heard an explosion from the direction in which the Devonian was believed to be fishing, and nothing was seen of the vessel afterwards. Since then nothing has been heard of the vessel.

The men who formed the crew were:
BANKS, Walter Edward (37) Mate, Certificate No. 7355.
Former Grimsby Sea Fishing Apprentice, signed indentures 3 Aug. 1892. Born Grimsby. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Husband of Eunice Theodosia Banks (nee Starfield), of 87, New Market Street, Grimsby.
CAMPBELL, Hamilton Blackwood (48) First Engineer.
Husband of Mrs. Campbell, of Suggits Lane, New Cleethorpes.
Born at Seaham.
DEAKIN, Joseph (26) Third Hand.
Husband of Mrs. Deakin, of 78, Strand Street, Grimsby.
Born at Sheffield.
GALES, Matthew (48) Second Engineer.
of 9, Buller Street, Grimsby. Born at Sunderland.
HANNEMAN, Frederick Charles (19) Trimmer.
Son of Mrs. Hanneman, of 55, Weelsby Street, Grimsby.
Born at Grimsby.
LAMBERT, Arthur (44) Skipper, Certificate No. 4025.
Former Grimsby Sea Fishing Apprentice, signed indentures 3 July 1887. Husband of Clara Lambert, of 32, Brereton Avenue, Cleethorpes. Born at Skegness. Pre-war skipper of Grimsby trawlers: "Uganda" 1894/95/97, "Ursula" 1895/97, "Rupert" 1898, "Noble" & "Croton" 1899, "Argo" 1900/01, "Trafalgar" 1902, "Elk" 1903, "Pinewolw" 1904/06, "Adrian" 1907/13, "Devonian" 1907 to 1912, and "Cynthia" in 1913.
LOTT, John Henry (29) Deck Hand.
of 3, Adam Smith Street, Grimsby. Son of Mary Lott, of Row 50, No. 9, Great Yarmouth, and the late John Lott. Bor: Yarmouth
ROWSTON, Arthur (25) Deck Hand.
Husband of Mrs. Rowston, of 77, Tiverton Street, Grimsby.
Born at Grimsby.
STANLEY, Walter (42) Cook.
of 71, Castle Street, Grimsby. Born at Sheffield.